Friday, 11 February 2011


so this is going to be where you can post your poems, short/long stories, lyrics - basically anything that you've written. you can post quotes or extracts from other people's work if you'd like to share them, although obviously you'd have to credit them.

currently the blog is on public so this means that absolutely anyone with internet access can read it. it can be set so that only authors - as in the group - can view it. perhaps when we get this going a bit more we can decide which we'd prefer. posts can be tagged by author; for instance, if my name is entered in the search bar, only posts tagged as mine will come up. i don't know how many of you have a blogspot or are aware of how it functions, but it's pretty standard to most other blogging platforms.

i'll get the ball rolling with one , although i expect not much will happen until everyone's been added.

'i only have two kinds of dreams: the bad and the terrible. bad dreams i can cope with. they're just nightmares, and the end eventually. i wake up. the terrible dreams are the good dreams. in my terrible dreams, everything's fine...everything's wonderful and normal and fine. and then i wake up. and i'm still me. and i'm still here. and that is truly terrible.' - urania blackwell, dream country; neil gaiman.

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